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Drug Policy.
The development of this policy is an admission of the harsh reality that drug use has so permeated our society that a calculated and pro-active response by community organizations and educational institutions is required to counter act the rapid spread of substance abuse.
This policy is not intended to serve as a punitive measure, rather as a support and assistance to those learners, who have become victims of drug use/abuse, and their parents.

1. School management will insist upon a urine based drug test should fair and reasonable suspicion indicate a strong probability of drug use.
2. The urine based drug test will be performed by one appointed by the school.
3.The urine based drug test will be performed by one appointed by the school.
a. The result of the drug test will be confidential and only the learner and his/her parents will be informed of the result.
4. In the case of a positive first test, the learner will be encouraged to seek help but will not lose any privileges at the school, he will however be expected to do a second drug test after 30 - 40 days.
5. Should the learner test positive at a second drug test after testing positive at the first, he/she will be suspended until such time as the said learner tests negative.
6. Should the learner test positive at any time after this, he/she will be suspended until he/she tests negative. While on suspension the learner is still enrolled as a learner, can come to school with a guardian or parent to collect material or to hand in material, can also write tests and examinations, but is not allowed to attend class until he/she tests negative.
7. Learners who tests positive repeatedly might face more stringent disciplinary measures, even permanent expulsion from the school. Especially if the substance abuse leads to violence or difficult and confrontational behaviour.
8. Learners are permitted to obtain an independent and private tests from independent institutions on condition that the test is done by means of a gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry. This test can be done in conjunction with the Department of Health.
9. Learners and parents will be assisted in dealing with the problem of drug use by The Principal or his/her delegate who will explain the option available to parents for treatment. The school, however will not be able to assist financially in the rehabilitation process.
10. The cost of the 1st test will be borne by the parent, the cost of subsequent tests following a positive test will be borne by the parents. Costs may change from time to time but will be R100.00 per test until further notice.
11. The test party will consist of the following: The learner, the principal or his/her delegate and an adult witness. All three persons to be of the same gender.
12. The urine sample must be produced under supervision in a manner that is not invasive and must be conducted in a dignified manner.
13. The principal or his/her delegate, is allowed to search the learner for possession of illegal drugs or dangerous weapons. The adult witness has to be present at both the search and testing procedure. Any illegal items found have to be handed over to the police. The police may lay criminal charges based on the illegal items found, the school will only institute disciplinary measures and not criminal charges. Conclusion The policy contains the following advantages for learners and parents:

  • Drug use can be discovered in the experimental stage where success in treatment is considered very high.
  • 2. Learners can be protected from one on drugs by the identification of the problem as peer pressure is the major cause of drug experimentation and the spread of drug use.
  • 3. Parents who know very little about the problem of drug use, can be informed and educated in a very discreet manner. Users who are disruptive, violent ad aggressive, can be removed from the classroom and innocent learners can be allowed to receive education in a safe and disciplined environment. What constitutes fair and reasonable suspicion?

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    1. Physical symptoms of drug use. Red eyes, yellow stains on hands, smell of drugs on clothes or skin, runny nose, skin irritation, untidy appearance, unkept appearance, disregard for appearance, weight loss, weight gain, etc
    2. Behavioural symptoms of drug use. Absenteeism, comes late, runs away, moodswings, happy when high, aggressive when craves, poor academic performance or erratic academic performance, loses interest in former activities, etc.
    3. Association with one who is a known drug user. 4. Information received from sources Constantly accused of theft and other wrong doing. Agreement by learner/ parent/ guardian

    I....... hereby consent to being tested / having my child tested for drug use. In the event of me/us opting for an independent test, we understand that I/we will not be allowed to participate in any of the schools activities until such time as the independent result has been received and verified as a test of integrity.

    This school drug monitoring Policy is in accordance with:
    1. Government Gazette no. 24172 notice number 3427 of 2002. Also known as The Drug Abuse Policy Framework.
    2. Government Gazette no. 31417 notice number 1140 of 2008. Annexure A & B.
    3. Education Laws Amendment Act B33 of 2007.
    4.Guidelines for the management and prevention of drug use/abuse by learners at schools.- Departmental document

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